Kahekorruseline buss MCW METROBUS British Double Decker Bus Marketing Exhibition Training

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42 750 €
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Mark MCW
Mudel METROBUS British Double Decker Bus Marketing Exhibition Training
Tüüp kahekorruseline buss
Tootmisaasta 1982
Avaldamise kuupäev veebr 19, 2020
Autoline'i ID VM15653
Telgede arv 2
Seisukord kasutatud
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Lisaandmed: Inglise
Chosen principally because of its unusually generous interior headroom, the MCW Metrobus has been our most popular rear-engined double decker promotional unit. This example has an all-aluminium body made by Alexanders, essentially rust-free. It carried out a very successful roadshow over 3 years for BT Infinity and recently a French promotion for Carrefour Supermarkets. The interior is easily adapted in detail for a new promotion but its essential purpose has been for IT demonstrations. For this purpose it has a forced air ventilated compartment for electronic equipment concealed behind rear screens. The upper deck is essentially open plan and chairs for up to 20 viewers can be packed behind a screen at the rear when not in use. At the front of the upper deck is a storeroom equipped with an opening skylight utilised by BT for setting up satellite communication dish on the roof. There is an aluminium and stainless steel wheelchair ramp that can be set up to the front entrance and an extensive cassette awning to bring the promotional area outside the vehicle. Heating is provided by recessed 240 volt cassette heaters which are typically powered by transportable generators that are set-up externally at the rear of the vehicle. Onboard circuitry is split into twin circuits to keep the IT systems separate from heating, lighting and other requirements.
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